CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program for all fitness levels

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. The program is driven by data. Classes include a whiteboard to keep accurate scores and records, a running clock, and rules/standards for performance. CrossFit uses the same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.

  • Why Choose CrossFit?

    CrossFit will change the way you look at health and fitness forever. Once you experience the adrenaline of a heart pounding tough workout that tests you physically and mentally limits you will understand why millions of people around the world of all different backgrounds and fitness levels swear by CrossFit. Once you complete a workout that you did not think you could complete you will start to think differently about other goals you did not think were attainable – all of a sudden what seemed out of reach becomes possible, what you feared becomes a goal, failure just a point in the journey. No other fitness programs brings people together to push each other to be better than CrossFit. Sure we use barbells and bumper plates, and gymnastics and that can be intimidating at first. Yes the training looks much more like a sport than it does look like a class and the people working out, when you don’t know them, can look pretty serious or intense, but that is the fun of it and that is how we get unbelievable results. For an hour a day, people from all walks of life leave their titles and egos at the door, step on to the floor as a team, and tackle a workout that many of them never thought possible just hours, days, weeks or months before. After a workout you’ll often hear “wow, that sucked” followed by “but that was awesome, nice work!”. What seems scary and intense at first is what ultimately keeps people coming back for more. If you put your fears and insecurities aside and let your curiosity and goals win out, you will find that CrossFit can really change your life.

  • CrossFit the Sport of Fitness

    We’ve learned that harnessing the natural camaraderie, competition, and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means. The late Col. Jeff Cooper observed that “the fear of sporting failure is worse than the fear of death.” It is our observation that men will die for points. Using whiteboards as scoreboards, keeping accurate scores and records, running a clock, and precisely defining the rules and standards for performance, we not only motivate unprecedented output but derive both relative and absolute metrics at every workout. This data has important value well beyond motivation. — courtesy of

CrossFit HQ also publishes the CrossFit Journal, designed to support the CrossFit community detailing the theory, techniques, and practiced by our coaches in our gym, in essence bringing your garage or gym into ours, making you a part of the CrossFit family. 

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