Fitness Programs

Building a Fit Community Starts With a Solid Foundation

The XLR8 fitness programs are designed to push your physical limits and produce REAL fitness results. When you begin your fitness journey by building a solid foundation and continually challenge yourself, you develop a physically strong body and a focused, strong mind. We start with a FREE skills assessment. From there we will outline your fitness journey – building strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Bootcamp and CrossFit Programs

At the heart of XLR8 Athletix, are our X|Fit and CrossFit programs. These programs are all professionally designed, coach-led classes that deliver measurable results every time you visit. At all of our locations we are fortunate to have an amazing community of people who collectively support and encourage one another to push their personal limits just a little farther each day. Many of our members enjoy this level of commitment, some incorporate elements of the next levels to further their skills.

Skills Based Training Programs

While the XLR8 “Building a Fit Community” foundation focuses on general fitness and preparedness, our Skills Based program focuses on the development of specific skills in an effort to increase your strength and endurance. Our Skill Development programs are designed to help you better perform a single skill or master a small set of similar skills.

Are overhead squats getting the best of you? Our Olympic Lifting class may be the solution. Want to improve your PR? Our Personal Training programs are tailored to build the strength and flexibility to improve times, increase jumping. At the end of the day, training with certified expert coaches who specialize in coaching specific movements guarantees results.

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